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This is our cry for change!

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We are all hackers driven by change, not to disrupt our lives but to find a better place, peaceful, without stress, and fair.

We are the 99%.

Our world seems under chaos everyday, yet we strive to change our daily lives in a certainly unfair war against each other. If you were to tell me that I would tell you that you are brainwashed. We are masters of our own choices, individually and collectively. Yet we eternally watch our 100k screen displaying propaganda as monkeys being brainwashed.

Manifestos generate emotions and truth that brings people together, open letters challenge decision-makers and remind them that they do not have a monopoly on truth or good, petitions generate decisions by pressure, for us a cry for help, for the 1% a lobbying of the masses.

This is my cry for change!

Even the Petitions sites have entered the system and under cover of philanthropy or an extension in .org in reality, exploit your data for profit and receive big money to highlight only the causes that Big Whales paid to support…

Does that mean that only causes sponsored by major industrial groups, media and their foundations deserve to be better known than others?

Do your own research, you will be surprised…

So what?

Does that mean only the cause for which the Petition maker site receives big money are eligible for promotional actions?

Is real opposition even possible when your personal data is in the same hands as the ones you oppose?

And decide if it is the kind of change that serves you first. That makes your friends, your neighbors and your communities feel happier. If you feel safe traveling anywhere in our common world. I invite you to reflect on what you see on your 100k screen. And ultimately join us in making our world great again, the real golden age, not because you are richer than your fellow homeless human that annoys you every morning while commuting to a slave job but because every single one of us can be safe and happy, building a better world together. 99% of the wealth is owned by 1%. Yet they brainwash us into divisions, war, and slavery.

We all know intuitively or not that huge NGO’s, their founders, mega donors, media’s, state level or corporate level forces influence us in compliance. We all know we cannot change it alone.

Join us on pact.social today to make the change ours, all of us, again.

Let’s make our voices relevant again, in a world where offense means someone has a different opinion, big corp fires people that don’t speak according to their agendas and where big media have agendas, other than their own. Where voices are silenced and truth hidden. Where surveillance and censorship become normalized.

We make a stand, and a pact.

For all those that have a voice, a voice so true to their core because they are free to express it.

For all those that are awaking and feel strong to go against, or for something, outside of themselves.

For all those that understand that the power is in the 99%.

For all those that believe that change can happen when we unite from the heart.

We make a pact, that is our promise to create media broadcast that is free, free from central control, free from surveillance, free from big corporations, a place where your voices of change are free to touch hearts, spread and BE heard.

Love long and prosper.

one of the 99%!

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